Bags with Sift proof Seams

Any Bulk bag, may be laminated or unlaminated cannot guarantee a 100% contamination free handling unless it is safe guarded with the Sift proof Seams. Also very popularly known as the Dust proof Seams, it is made of a special material called “Crimpt yarn” (polypropylene only). This fluffy material is put in the filler cord machines to make the filler cord, which is then stitched in the side, top or bottom seams of the bulk bags.

These Sift proof seams may broadly be of three types, depending on the application of the FIBCs:
• Single sift proof seams
• Double sift proof seams
• Triple sift proof seams

Pithampur Poly Products Ltd. specializes in the Triple sift proof seam FIBCs on top, bottom and all sides by supplying a great deal of such bags in the USA. In fact, there are certain companies who have specially liked this product of ours and we are their sole suppliers for these bags. All the three types of sift proof seams have a special purpose to achieve, for which they are put in the Bulk bags and when it is a bag made by us, it is always our endeavor to provide the seams which works the best!!!

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