It is our endeavour to get all our Bulk bag designs tested and certified by National Engineering Laboratory, United Kingdom or LABORDATA, Germany with the minimum possible GSM of the fabric. In fact, we make sure that all our Bulk bag designs are approved, tested and certified by these internationally recognized and renowned organizations. This not only gives recognition to our company but also gives a big cost benefit to our customers since we can provide them a better quality Bulk bag with the same specifications as they are purchasing from their current suppliers at a considerable lower price.

Apart from the above, we also give the in-house testing certifications to our customers for all the Bulk bags that we test during the process or before the dispatching of their orders. We also send the busted bags along with these certificates to give them a level of confidence in a company who is thousands of miles away from them. This gives an extra quality assurance to them on our Bulk bags, which they can pass on to their clients as well.

We have always kept in mind the Quality standards and certifications required specifically by various countries round the Globe. Our Bulk bags in Australia and tested and certified for the Australian standard that requires the Bulk bag to pass the drop test as well, which is not the case in other countries. It is through our certified designs that we are able to offer a better quality product in the World FIBC market.


  Standard FIBCs
  Baffle bags
  Bags with Sift proof seams
  Conical bags
  Diaper bags
  Single Loop bags
  Two Loop bags
  Container bags

  Top Spout
  Bottom Spout
  Filler Cord


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