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FIBC / Bulk bag Testing

It is definitely just not enough to check the Bulk bags with a look at them and send them to the packing and dispatch section without actually knowing their capabilities and performance. Pithampur Poly Products Ltd. has therefore spent a fortune for buying its Bulk bag Testing Machine, to facilitate its customers, which is one of its kinds in the whole industry. The machine is specially designed and developed to test Bulk bags up to 3000KG Safe Working Load or 8:1 Safety Factor.
We check at least 1 bag out of every 500 Bulk bags on our testing machine to make sure that we give the right kind of quality to our clients round the Globe. We also provide certification to our clients for each and every bag that we test from the production of their orders. It is therefore others envy and our pride to have equipment like this that makes sure that all our Bulk bags are World Class.


Packing and Dispatch


At Pithampur Poly Products Ltd. we believe that the packing is as important as the working of a certain product. We therefore pack our Bulk bags as per the customerís requirements to ensure that it looks presentable and is as economical as possible. All our bags are packed in the bale form with help of our Heavy duty Baling machine of 100MT, which is specially developed for packing of Bulk bags with heavy GSM fabric. We can put 25 to 250 Bulk bags in a bale with this baling machine due to its heavy duty cylinders and use our own tie tapes to strap these bales. We always take an extra effort to make these bales as compact as possible to save cost for both us and our customers.

We use 20 feet, 40 feet or 40 feet High cube containers for shipment of our goods to all our clients in various parts of the World. As mentioned above, it is to the advantage of the company that we are located just behind the Inland Container Depot where we can perform all import and export formalities and can get ready inventory of the containers to avoid any delays in the shipment. We always use a premium shipping line to ship our products to avoid any kind of problems at the customerís end and to facilitate them. Our dispatch department makes sure of all the specific requirements that may be inevitable for shipment to a particular country (such as fumigation requirements specific to Australia) while making the dispatches and it is therefore we are recognized as World leaders, based in India, for manufacturing Bulk bags that perform.


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