PP Woven Fabric

We also export Circular or Flat Woven Fabrics to convert them to Sacks or Bags at customer's end or to use them as cover for textile packing, upholstery and carpet packing. Sacks, bags and fabrics can be supplied in any colour and are made as per the specific requirement of the customer. PP Woven Circular Fabrics are available in rolls of various sizes and other specifications as per the customer's requirements. They are put to direct uses or for conversion to Bags/Sacks at customer's end.


We can produce these fabrics up to a maximum width of 1.25 meters tube and 2.50 meters lay flat and a minimum of 40cm tube and 80cm lay flat. Our fabric may be produced in different colours as per the choice of the customer and may be given in form of cut sheets, which may have a further option of being printed. The fabric can be laminated inside or outside, depending upon the application of the end users and can be cut with a zigzag style.

We can produce these fabrics with a maximum of 300 GSM, in specially designed looms for producing Bulk bag fabric only. Fabric is the face of a bag, whether big or small. It is therefore our endeavor to produce the right kind of fabric with the required GSM and mesh so that the bags made from these fabrics is 100% durable and performs to their very best!!!



  Standard FIBCs
  Baffle bags
  Bags with Sift proof seams
  Conical bags
  Diaper bags
  Single Loop bags
  Two Loop bags
  Container bags

  Top Spout
  Bottom Spout
  Filler Cord


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