Quality is a passion in our company, which flow from the very top level of hierarchy to the very bottom one and we believe in giving the best!!! We check our quality at every level of manufacturing of the Bulk bags. Special quality reports are prepared at each of these levels to make sure that the product going to the next level of production is as per our quality standards. In fact, a separate file is prepared for each order wherein all the quality reports of the particular order is kept intact so that it may be sent to our respective client, in case needed, for a quality assurance.

Whenever we receive a fresh order, all the quality implications are specially checked by our technical team to make sure that the final product going to our client works as per his requirements.

We check at least 20 bobbins/cones in the plant section from each lot coming our every 20 minutes (1 lot is 200 bobbins/cones) and the lot is simply rejected of it is not up to our standard. The Grams per Denier (GPD) and Denier variation of each of these are checked on the Tensile testing machine to make sure that the complete lot is up to the mark.

Various measures are taken to keep the best combination of the temperature at each level of the extrusion and the stretch ratio at which the tapes are being elongated while being given the heat treatment.

Before starting the manufacturing of a fresh order at the loom section, we check the GSM, mesh and other technical requirements of the fabric coming out of the loom and it is only after the quality department gives an approval that the production begins. Even in the cutting section all the weaving faults in the fabric is checked thoroughly before it is being sent for the stitching. Once the bag is stitched and given a final shape, we have trained and skilled “quality checkers” who check each and every bag coming out of the production line and make sure that all the unsuitable bags are rejected at this stage.

We at Pithampur Poly Products Ltd. have our standard quality norms which are kept higher than what is required by the certifying authorities. Our standard Bulk bag of 1000KG Safe Working Load and 5:1 Safety Factor clears the test at 5,700 KG (on an average) with respect to the standard of 5,000 KG World wide. Our 1000KG Safe Working Load Multi-trip bulk bag is a very heavy duty durable product that clears the test on an average of 6,500 KG as oppose to the industry standard of 6000KG. We also make sure of the quality standards required specifically for a country (Drop test required as per Australian Standard), which give an extra level for confidence to our customers. We keep in mind the worst possible situation and make the BEST!!!

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